Fabio Arnaudon

                                                           Fabio Arnaudon

Arnaudon ( Madrid 1960 ) use to work in more than one direction at the same time as a paradigm of multiple perception of reality. Painting, photography, music...all coexisted creatively feeding each other.
On one hand Arnaudon' s bigger format oil paintings are a carefully thought-out work with a sharper and quite defined drawing…on the other, his mixed media smaller pieces seems to retrieve a more spontaneous way of expression through acrylic, collage, oil pastels and other different techniques.
Anyway both sides share a common approach: a dreamlike , sensitive and thought provoking art underlying the subconcious.
Arnaudon' s surreal paintings suggest inner landscapes frozen in time... a personal microcosm inhabited by figures portrayed with tenderness , humor and compassion , always through an emotional point of view.

He’ s graduated in the Fine Art School in Madrid’ s (Spain) University. After three years of teaching experience he finally started a professional career in 1988. He was appointed Member of the Rome Modern Art Academy in 1996 and the Spanish Postal Services issued in 2000 a stamp collection with six of his paintings.
Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain presented him with a Medal of honour at the BMW painting awards and he was invited to be part of an exhibition celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Spanish Constitution together with some of Spain' s most important artists.
The Ulster Museum ( North Ireland ) got one of his paintings.

His work has been shown  in  European and American art galleries during the last two decades . Last exhibitions : 2008 Albemarle Gallery ( London ) 2010 – Mark Peet Visser Galerie ( Holland ) , 2011 Albert Gallery (Madrid) Spain,  2013- GallArt ( Roma ) Italy , Galería Alfama ( Madrid) Spain , 2014 - Palazzo Canali ( Sant' Oreste - Roma ) Italy , Art Hub ( Abu Dhabi ) United Arab Emirates, Galerie D' Art Contemporain Maison du Chevalier ( Carcassonne ) France.
El sueno de Cris
El Sueno de Cris.  Huile sur toile.  73x55
A la Deriva
A la Deriva.  Huile sur toile.  65x73
La Ciudad Ambulante
La Ciudad Ambulante.  Huile sur toile.  109x73
El Camale
El Camale  Huile sur toile   41x41
El Tanguero
El Tanguero.  Huile sur toile.   100x130
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      A la dérive (acrylique sur papier 15x15)                       Dog Life (acryl. sur papier 29x21)
A fragile Heart (acr. sur toile 35x27
A fragile Heart (acr. sur papier 13x13)

Concha de Nazelle accueille régulièrement des exposition de Fabio Arnaudon. A gauche, quelques oeuvres de la dernière exposition de mars 2017